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Maryland Custom Exhaust
Maryland Custom ExhaustMaryland Custom ExhaustMaryland Custom ExhaustMaryland Custom ExhaustMaryland Custom Exhaust
Maryland Custom Exhaust
Maryland Custom Exhaust

Tube Digitizing

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Our tubing digitizer uses a fixed base and arm to plot a digital image of the bends, angles and radii of exhaust pipes. This can be done while the pipe is either on or off the vehicle. This digital plot can be used by the bender to duplicate the part in question or be used for mass production. The digitizer and its software also translate bends and radii from one diameter pipe to another, introducing digital accuracy to a process that has always involved “eye-balling” and guesswork and ensuring a better fit to the vehicle.
We can use our digitizer to duplicate any tubing product so it can be digitally reproduced at any quantity.

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